Private Love

The House of Boucheron is a French family dynasty founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858, with the opening of his first store in the Galerie de Valois, at Palais-Royal, during the heyday of the Second French Empire. Boucheron makes watches, and jewellery, and licenses it’s marque for perfumes. The watch and jewelry making segments have existed for over 150 years. He is the first one who designed the jewelries into snake shape. One of the first line created was the symbolic snake line in the 1970s. 




1867, Mr. Boucheron made his beloved wife a snake necklace with gold before his long journey. His wife, Gabrielle Boucheron, loved it so much that she regard the gift form her husband as a amulet, and never took it down once she wore it. 




In this case, in order to remember their love, Mr. Boucheron started to make all his products into snake shape. So after that, snake had become a extremely popular shape of jewelry. Of course, snake and gold are always the best combination. 




Boucheron was a family business : after the death of its founder Frédéric Boucheron in 1902, his descendants took over the business. In 1994, the family business shifted to a more global approach with its selling out to Schweizerhall. According to Wiki, in 1893, Boucheron opened a store in Moscow, later transferred to Saint Petersburg in 1911. In 1903 a store in London and an office in New York. More store openings followed in Japan in 1973, Shanghai, Dubai in 2005, and finally Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur in 2006. Also from Wiki, the distribution network of Boucheron is made of 34 shops located all over the world (Paris, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Beirut, London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Saitama, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Okayama, Nagoya, Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur,Dubai, Baku, Moscow and Almaty) and over 100 certified retailers.


Now the love is not private any more, you can buy it almost everywhere of this planet. Maybe Mr. Boucheron never wanted their love to be a privacy. All he wanted just their love can be remember by his descendants, even when he and his wife were gone.


Anne Hathaway

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is an American actress, who had her 31st birthday celebrated three days ago. She is one of my favorite Hollywood starts, and I believe everyone must have seen or heard her before. The reason why I love her is not only for her professional acting style, but also her prefect dressing style.



After seeing all these dresses that she wore on previous year’s red carpet ceremony, I’m more sure that this alien from never-wear-bad planet is to show off her wearing style to humans. She can handle any colors, patterns, and styles. It seems like there are nothing on this planet can challenge her. 

Fantasy Bra

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an annual fashion show sponsored by Victoria’s Secret, a brand of lingerie and sleepwear. They try to use  the show to promote and market its goods in high-profile settings. The first few shows in the 1990s were held in the days preceding Valentine’s Day to promote the brand for this holiday. According to Wiki, the first fashion show extravaganza, introduced by Stephanie Seymour, was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in August 1995. However, our focus today isn’t the show itself, but one single item in it—Fantasy Bra. We’ve talk about Candice and the 10 millions bra in the last post, and now we will look more specific in to the expensive and gorgeous bra itself.

Typically, one model is chosen among the Angels to wear a bejeweled bra dubbed the “Fantasy Bra”. It all started at 1996, and since then every year Victoria’s Secret would publish a beautiful bra with a ridiculous price. Here is a chart from Wiki that shows the year, price, model wearing the bra, and the price of them.


Before each Fashion Show, Victoria’s Secret contracts a renowned jewelry designer to craft the bra to be used as a focal point for promoting the fashion show and as a centerpiece within it. The company offers the Fantasy Bra for sale as “the ultimate holiday” gift,although none have sold (only the centerpiece from the 2004 Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra has found a buyer) and the bras are dismantled after the holiday season. Now, let’s enjoy the previous year’s Fantasy Bra.


The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just ended, and the Taylor Swift was invited to sing. Let’s enjoy the beautiful song as well as the perfect bodies!

the Challenge of Fantasy Bra

Bra is the most normal thing in women’s life. A bra normally wouldn’t be expensive at all, but not the Victoria’s Secrets’s Fantasy Bra. Prior to each Fashion Show, Victoria’s Secret contracts a renowned jewelry designer to craft the bra to be used as a focal point for promoting the fashion show and as a centerpiece within it. A fantasy bra is made with different kinds of jewelry, and worths millions of dollars. I think every girls on earth would like to  wear it once, but it only offer for the angels in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.

Candice Swanepoel, a South African model best known for her work withVictoria’s Secret, showed up in the Victoria’s Secret news conference of Fantasy Bra in Zuhair Murad. 65b52e49gw1eaeucf6cf3j20b40gojuc



The fantasy bra, with 4200 jewelries, worthing 10 millions dollars looked like a normal bra when Candice stood right next to it. The reason of this? It’s only because she was too shiny and perfect. Unlike other models, she is not as skinny as them but with powers and temptations all around her body. She just like the goddess Venus standing under the sunshine,  and who else would care about the bra!

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For Fame?

If you ask me who is the most popular celebrity recently, I think my answer would definitely be Miley Cyrus! Her exaggerate outfits and behaviors are all the attention point.

Last week,during  the European MTV award ceremony she surprised the world again. Miley Cyrus showed up with a tight-fitting coveralls which was extremely exposed her private parts out.



During the ceremony, she also sang the hot song Wrecking Ball. Her voice was still as beautiful as usual, apparently not being influenced by her scaring outfit. 




However, after getting the prize and finishing singing the song she freak out again. What surprised people was that she started to smoke marijuana on the stage. 






Personally, I think what surprised me most was her legs instead. Normally 70 percent of human is water, while 70 percent of Miley is legs!



Many people don’t understand why she is doing all these strange thing lately, including me as well. However, according to herself, she said she want people to remember her more than those minutes she stands on the stage. Miley wants people to remember her longer and not only as the princes that used to play in Disney fairy tales. It sounds to me just like that she wants to make some changes to her life. But wouldn’t it be too much. At least she has already totally ruined her old images in my heart. I wouldn’t judge her for doing all these things but I would definitely not recommend others to do so. Since being like this you not only need to be brave and generous, but also have to be ready for judgements as well as criticisms. Maybe Miley Cyrus will be the next Lady Gaga. 


a Show with Meaning

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer. He was the creative director of the French design house Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2013. After working with Louis Vuitton for sixteen years, he decided to leave where he started and concentrated all of his attentions on his own brand—Marc by Marc Jacobs. In October 2013, after the Spring – Summer 2014 show, this talented designer took his final curtain call on the Louis Vuitton’s stage. It was the most meaningful moment of the whole Paris fashion week.


Here, let’s review the past sixteen-year journey Marc Jacobs and his Louis Vuitton.




No one can deny his talent and works in the past sixteen years. Jacobs was the youngest designer to have ever been awarded the fashion industry’s highest tribute. According to Wiki, Guy Trebay, a critic for The New York Times, in response to Oscar de la Renta’s comment that a coat designed by Jacobs closely resembled one that de la Renta had designed thirty years earlier, wrote that “unlike the many brand-name designers who promote the illusion that their output results from a single prodigious creativity, Mr. Jacobs makes no pretense that fashion emerges full blown from the head of one solitary genius”.

At the end, let’s watch a video of his journey.


Ask: Do you know what are the favorite Halloween outfit for female stars? 

Answer: Other female stars.

The most popular mock objects would definitely be Miley Cyrus. Other wore her swimming suit and tight two tiny hair balls on their heads. However, Miley herself dressed up like Lil’Kim. ImageImageImage


Ellen was still very into big booms. Last year she dressed up like Sofia Vergara, and this year, again, she dressed up like Nicki Minaj who also had very sexy booms.




However, personally, I cannot appreciate this behavior. I prefer the latest as well as the newest Halloween outfit, Luxury Bags.




There is a competition of Halloween outfit on Facebook, and the winner is Sofia Vergara. Sofia Vergara is a five-year-old girl who dressed up like a Chanel 2.55 bag with sunglasses and leather jacket.



Meanwhile, Natalie, another young child, who dressed up like a Brikin as well as Chanel also became very popular on Pinterest.




Not only adults, this outfit also fits children extremely well.